Creature Presents: LARB 4 Training Video

You mean you don’t have an extra quart of goats blood and Moonbaby at your disposal? Worse yet, can’t make it to the festivities this year? Not to worry..To appease your jones and In honor of LARB FEST 4 SAM HITZ and CREATURE SKATEBOARDS presents this limited batch of 9 wide “LARB FEST SLABS” to the world. This deck will spiritually connect you to the festivities and invoke The Larb anywhere, anytime for all of eternity whilst in your possession. Equipped with manipulated LARB 4 poster art by Steve Somers and made in the USA..consider this opportunity a fucking steal. Only 100 made. Also available at both Larb fest 4 locations:Minneapolis sept.30th/Milwaukee oct 7th.

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