NHS: “Hotshots Skate Gang” & “Mud Sweat ‘n’ Beers” Demo | Vans Skatepark in Orange

There’s no better way to start off a double-feature video premiere than with a skate session and product toss at the Vans skatepark in Orange, CA, especially when you got free pizza courtesy of Pizzanista! With a list of skaters from different brands out of the NHS camp—including some of the rippers featured in the videos—the demo got heated before the crowd headed over to The Good Bar for the screenings. The double feature included “Please Don’t Grab My Boob!,” the first all-girls skate tour, and a bonus vid: “Mud Sweat ‘n’ Beers,” which will be up on this site in a few short weeks. The Good Bar was jam packed, the beers were flowing and the ladies showed they can hold their own! Let’s hear it for the girls!

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