Das Days New York City – adidas

Head to New York City with the adidas Skateboarding team to take witness the second Das Days series of 2018. Kicking off with the global launch of our new 3MC collection followed up with a Block Party featuring best trick contests set to the backdrop of live music from Beach Fossils and more. Throughout the week, the NYC skateboard community showed up for a taping of The Nine Club with Tyshawn Jones, an evening of skate trivia brought by Useless Skate Knowledge and Showcase X curated by Mark Gonzales. To complete the event series, the team spent a day in the streets skating from Brooklyn to Manhattan for City Copa. Featuring Yaje Popson, Nora Vasconcellos, Mariah Duran, Jenn Soto, Tyshawn Jones, Mark Suciu, Mark Gonzales, Miles Silvas, Felipe Gustavo and more.

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3MC /// FOR: ALL OF US – adidas

3MC is the three-stripe modern classic made for all of us. From the hours spent skateboarding to the hours in between, take a look into the world around Lucas, Donta, Nora and friends in Los Angeles, California. Featuring Lucas Puig, Donta Hill, Nora Vasconcellos, Marc Johnson, Lil Dre, Jen Soto, Jack Fardell, Diego Najera, Felipe Gustavo and Daewon Song.

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Krux TV: Best Of 2017

The Krux squad came through with some tasty skateboard action in 2017. Here’s a little sampler of some our favorite videos. Featuring: Louie Barletta, Nora Vasconcellos, Albert Nyberg, Kevin Braun, Ryan Reyes, Logan Frank, Amandus Mortensen, Kelvin Hoefler, Jon Nguyen, Silas Baxter-Neal, Cairo Foster, Tommy Sandoval, Nestot Judkins, Ron Whaley, Caswell Berry, Danny Fuenzalida, Aaron Goure, Ryan Lay, Alex Massotti, Anderson Stevie, Travis Harrison, Kechaud Johnson, Jeff Dechesare, Mike Paek, Brian Hastings and June Saito.

Looking forward to 2018! “It’s gonna be a great year, Gilbert.” -Louis Skolnick, Revenge of the Nerds

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