The eclectic Pusher Bearings team skate the Balearics: Valls, Curtin and crew go in!

Pusher Bearings aren’t just a skateboard company, they’re a deeply-rooted family. Recently, Jackson Curtin, Jaakko Ojanen, Leo Valls, Josef Scott, Dani Jenks and Antony Lopez came together to skate the miraculous, soulful island of Mallorca in Spain, which has great skate spots along with pristine beaches and lush forests. Watch their journey to Mallorca and join the adventure.

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My City – Santiago, Chile – Braulio Sagas | Volcom Skate

In Episode 8 of My City we visit Braulio Sagas from Santiago, Chile. As being the largest city in Chile and capital of the South American country, as a skateboarder, there is a lot of activity to meander through the city and streets, at times making it difficult to find a quality spot to throw down some skateboard tricks. This episode documents Braulio’s favorite spots to skate throughout the city.

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Victor Garibay

Victor loved two things, his skateboard, and animals. His life was filled with joy and animals tended to gravitate towards him. When we lived together I remember him bring all type of random pets. Mini Bunny/Lizards/turtles/snakes/dogs and a few friends. Victor was a cool dude that was high on life! Forever missed – Foul Productions

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