Meet One Of The Pioneers Of Street Skateboarding Mike Vallely | SKATE TALES S2 Ep 6

In truth, we probably haven’t got enough bandwidth to do the twists and turns of Mike Vallely’s skateboarding life story justice- so let us perhaps instead consider some of the many roles he has played in order to provide some context as to what makes him such an enduring enigma. Now settled with his family in Des Moines, Iowa he has enjoyed a 35-year pro skating career on his own terms. There are no other Mike Vallely’s. Madars Apse hits the streets with a true original to learn about Street Plant, punk rock and the journey of a street scoundrel from New Jersey.

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Nike SB | Not Here By Luck | Julie Betrix

For the past three years, Nike SB’s Not Here By Luck series has been shining a light on emerging talents within women’s skateboarding. The latest episode offers a candid insight into the life of 19-year-old Julie Betrix.

Hailing from Annecy, France, Julie, like many of her peers, began skiing in the mountains before a childhood friend inspired her to take up skateboarding. It wasn’t long before the local skate shop made Julie their first female team rider.

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Team Dashawn vs Team Foy Round Three: Game of O.U.T | SLS Games III

Coming off a W in Round Two, Team Foy tries to fight off Team Dashawn and secure another 2 second head start towards The Relay. Watch them battle it out in this three v three game of O.U.T! Tune into The Relay, winner takes all, dropping next week!

Team Dashawn: Dashawn Jordan, Zion Wright, Gabriel Fortunato

Team Foy: Jamie Foy, John Dilo, Ronnie Kessner

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