Zach Doelling & Oddball Collectablez crew skate a pre-fab skatepark, mini ramp, and street spot. Game of skate in there somewhere too I think.

This Skatepark has everything you need for a pre fab park. Flat bar, flat ledge, multiple bump to bumps with ledges and of course a nice mini ramp! Featuring Zach Doelling, Wes Reeves, Vincent Luevanos, Kenny Martes, Brandon Snider and Clay Breckenridge.

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In 1995, ESPN introduced The Extreme Games to the masses. Billed as a weeklong competition, The Extreme Games (later changed to X Games) brought out the top action sports athletes in the world, across skateboarding, BMX, inline skating and more.

At the time, Tony Hawk was one of a few veteran pro skateboarders on the scene, successfully making the jump past the skateboarding craze of the 1980s, into a more underground, authentic scene spawned during the 1990s. But all that was about to change. With a boost of commercial exposure from ESPN and The Extreme Games, Tony Hawk would become one of the most recognized names in skateboarding throughout the world. And to this day, Tony’s name is synonymous with skateboarding, thanks in part to the momentum created here. Take a look back at Tony’s first vert and “street” runs from July, 1995.

And oh yeah, Tony took home the first Extreme Games gold medal in Skateboard Vert.

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Aiden Caruth For CCS Apparel

Aiden Caruth oozes style and originality. Whether he is conquering Pacific Northwest rains, tight transitions, deep end lip tricks, or ridiculously impractical board widths, CCS is proud to outfit Aiden in all the baggie gear he needs to get the job done.

Join Aiden as he gets high and dry on a drizzly day at the Eugene skatepark in his CCS classic Stacked Logo heavyweight hoodie.

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Dew Tour Setups: Jagger Eaton Street and Park Skateboard Gear Breakdown

Currently, the only member of the USA Skateboarding Olympic National Team who is a double threat in both park and street skateboarding is Jagger Eaton. Initially setting his focus on competitive park skateboarding at a young age, Jagger gradually made his way onto the street course and eventually won the coveted Tampa Pro competition in 2018. Get the full scoop on Jagger’s skateboard setup as he goes into detail on his street board size, trucks, and wheels, along with the different sizes he switches it up to when skating park.

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