Harvest Jam 2019 / Annual All Ages Awards – Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT’s final All Ages Contest of the year was lit, with skaters from all over Florida in town to see the newly updated SPoT Pro Course. As an added bonus, they gave the first place winner in the 8 & under division a custom curb courtesy of Converse. SPoT also had to show their appreciation to all the skate parents, loyal lurkers, hardest rippers, most improved, and worst injured with our Annual All Ages Awards.

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Hitting the NEW Chevy Chase Skatepark | Official Skatepark Review – Red Bull

In Joey Brezinski’s Official Skatepark Review, we tag along with Joey and his incognito friend “Rip” to check out some of the best and worst skateparks in Southern California. SoCal is the hub for skateparks; from plazas to pre-fabs, from professionally-built to poorly-constructed, Joey and Rip will hook you up with a guide to the best and worst skateparks the “skate capital of the world” has to offer.

In this episode, Joey and Rip head over to Chevy Chase Skatepark to see what the park has to offer.

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Zion Goes To Tahoe – Hot Wheels Junior Series

Kids from around the country made the trip out to Lake Tahoe, California to compete in the fourth stop of the 2019 Hot Wheels Junior Series. An open skateboard and BMX contest for kids 16 and under, where all ability levels are welcome!

Take a behind the scenes look at the fourth stop of the Junior Series through the eyes of competitors Zion Effs, Tama Noa, Kaden Stone, Phoenix Sinno, Ryder Sinno, Kieran Woolley, and more!

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