Spend a Day with Santa Cruz Pro Jake Wooten | Field Day – Red Bull

Jake Wooten has the highest energy of anyone on the session. The Tennessee transplant invited Santa Cruz to his apartment in Oceanside, California to tag along on a typical day in his life. In the morning, we sit in on a lesson in balcony herb gardening then hit up the insanely vast Poods Park for a session with Keegan Palmer and Toby Young.

Sticking with his ‘two outdoor activities a day’ mantra, Jake and the squad then roll over to Encinitas to shoot hoops in the late afternoon. How does he follow-up a heated game of 3-on-3? A stop at his go-to gourmet Korean barbecue spot for endless KBBQ (that he almost gets for free)!

Back home with his beloved cat Zula, Jake reflects on the differences between his Tennessee roots and the life of a newly-minted professional in the hothouse of Californian skating. Intelligent, thoughtful, gifted and charming, Jake Wooten has the world at his feet right now. Take ten minutes to get to know him above!

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