Vans Skateboarding x Skateistan: Where It Starts Part 2 | Skate | VANS

Vans, the global leader in skateboarding for over 50 years, celebrates Vans’ partnership with Skateistan, the award-winning international non-profit organization which empowers youth through skateboarding and education in Afghanistan, Cambodia, South Africa and supports other social skate projects around the world.

With this campaign, Vans reminds fans that skateboarding would not be where it is today without the strength of community. In a new video campaign titled“Where It Starts”, Vans and Skateistan zero in on what makes skateboarding so special—the streets, skateparks, backyard pools and communities that built skateboarding from the ground up. Fans will hear from skateboarding’s most talented stars including skateboarding legend, Vans ambassador and Skateistan board member, Tony Hawk, Vans skaters Lizzie Armanto, Pedro Barros, and Yann Horowitz.

Now through September, Vans will donate $10 USD from every pair of Vans Custom Skate Classics purchased from Vans on from June 21 to August 30, 2021 – up to US$200k – to Tides Foundation in support of Skateistan. Consumers will be able to create their own unique pair of Vans Skate Classics and in doing so, can give back to an incredibly worthy cause in honor of Go Skateboarding Day. Share your custom designs and where skateboarding started for you by tagging @vansskate on social media today!

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Pacifico’s Skateboard Vert Best Trick at X Games 2021 was an unexpected surprise for all of us, following the last minute addition of world renowned legend Tony Hawk to the start list. Tony simply showed up, felt like skating and made it happen. But there’s more to Best Trick than Tony’s presence. From a vert extension on the ramp to a young Brazilian upstart named Gui Khury turning heads, Skateboard Vert Best Trick went next level in 2021. It was also the perfect bridge between Tony’s legendary 900 and the infinite future of vert skateboarding. Enjoy this encore presentation!

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Eli Morgan Gesner | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts – Episode 192

Eli Morgan Gesner discusses growing up in New York, getting into art at a young age, how he got into skating, promoting the club Mars and bringing hip hop to the club scene, Russell Simmons asking him to help start Phat Farm, starting Zoo York, why he would put “gutter text” in all the Zoo York ads, watching Mike Tyson snatch a pigeon from mid air, his new documentary film “All The Streets are Silent” and much more!

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