Vans Skateboarding Presents: Alright, Ok | Skate | VANS

Vans Skateboarding proudly presents Alright, OK, a new skate film featuring global signature team riders Elijah Berle and Gilbert Crockett, with a special guest appearance by Justin Henry. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Greg Hunt—whose talent brought to life Vans’ first full-length skateboarding video, PROPELLER—Alright, OK is yet another masterpiece, encapsulating an epic labor of love by pro Elijah Berle, who worked tirelessly over two hard years to land arguably the best tricks of his career. Elijah shares the screen with Vans teammate and Richmond native, Gilbert Crockett, whose contrasting, eccentric style flows alongside Elijah’s timeless form like yin to yang.

Director Greg Hunt reunites the two for the first time since the release of Vans PROPELLER in 2015, finding skate spots from all over the globe in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, New York and their home states of Virginia and California. Skateboarding has a gift of bringing together the most unlikely people from around the world, through the love of the simple act of rolling.

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Tony Ferguson – Stop & Chat | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts

We Stop And Chat with Tony Ferguson to discuss when he first met Jeron Wilson, being asked to ride for Blind but why he held off for Plan B, filming skits for Girl & Chocolate videos, living with Eric Koston, starting his footwear company “Rone Brand”, getting into the comfy home wear category, skating with his son, breaking down some of his most memorable tricks, why he didn’t have a full part in “Yeah Right” and much more!

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Red Bull: Ancient Stone to Public Skatespot with Torey Pudwill & Crew | LARVIKITE LINES

When the opportunity arose to visit Lundhs Real Stone quarry and create a permanent Larvikite skatepark for the town’s skate scene, Torey Pudwill, Chris Haslam and Angelo Caro flew in to link up with local pro Deedz and session the 300 million-year-old terrain in situ – before bringing it all down from the mountain quarry to create a permanent skate space in Larvik itself.

Marvel at the wonder of nature, the ingenuity of humanity and the radness of skateboarding in Larvikite Lines above. If you’re ever in Larvik, be sure to hit up their new skate spot courtesy of Didrik Galasso and Lundhs Real Stone.

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NBDs, Backflips, & Marathon Lines With Jake Wooten! SCREAMING VLOG #13 | Santa Cruz Skateboards

In Screaming Vlog Episode 13 we jump in on the session with Jake Wooten and Nick Hanson at Linda Vista Skatepark in San Diego, CA. Jake lets loose rifling off marathon lines, NBDs, backflips & more all while Nick captures the insanity behind the lens. To cap it off, watch Jake drift off into the sunset after catching some quick licks in the Pacific Ocean. Tap in and experience a day with Jake!

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BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 54 – Evan Hernandez

“They want me talk about Evan, right?” – Dustin Dollin

Filming for his Transworld “In Bloom” video part, a young Evan Hernadez, (Pre Rolex Watches and Rubba-Band Bizness) skates the Franklin High School 18 stair rail in Highland Park, CA. After a close call with a concussion, he rides away from a frontside boardslide, which ended up being his last trick in his Transworld part. He is accompanied by the underrated Jason Jones.

In a brief session at La Cañada High School, Jeff Lenoce attempts a switch heelflip down the 11 stair while Beagle tortures Knox Godoy by throwing his board up in a tree. After a short duration and a juvenile name calling dialogue, Knox retrieves his board by giving the tree a shake, but only to find it was now inhabited by a creepy crawler.

At the Santa Monica Courthouse, Beagle films Ako Jefferson perform a frontside kickflip down the four stair in dual t-shirt Laker getup with a pair of éS Koston 3s. As seen in “Chomp On This”. Handing the camera off, Ako films Beagle perform a frontside bluntslide shuv-it. As seen in the original Shake Junt video entitled “Shake Junt”. Peep the steez (style) on the nollie shuv, post landing. Circa 2001 – BEAGLE

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Today Santa Cruz talks about and puts to the test the 8.25 x 31.8 Knibbs Reptilian Powerply* Deck. This board is Jereme Knibbs first pro graphic on a new colorway and the art is done by Killer Acid. In this video SC breaks down the details on each of the products and why they are great. Santa Cruz Brand Manager Andrew Cannon is put the test with three different challenges.

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