Dan Mancina at the Compound Skatepark in Calgary

On an extremely cold Friday in February, Dan Mancina brought his love of skateboarding to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and helped change the lives of fifteen visually impaired youth. In partnership with non-profit organization Academy Skateboard Collective, Dan shared his story and introduced skateboarding to the youth, their parents and school staff. Dan’s story of resilience not only resonated deeply with the group of students but its impact on their caregivers was equally visceral. As the students familiarized themselves with their skateboards and the skatepark, they approached standing on the boards, rolling, pushing and pumping the transitions with an uninhibited confidence. In a short amount of time, students comfortably explored the physical landscape in a way they had never before: through the lens of skateboarding. The impact Dan has left on our community will not be soon forgotten. He gave us all one residing message; anything is possible. The experience reminded us that we are not defined by perceived barriers but that we can find meaning in our ability to adapt in the face of them. Isn’t that what skateboarding is truly about? Thank you Dan Mancina, Real Skateboards, Adidas, Ninetimes Skate Shop, the Compound Skatepark and everyone else that made this event possible.
Sincerely, Everett Tetz Founder and Director of Academy Skateboard Collective

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Join South Bank on Friday 22nd March for a FREE premier of our new film ‘You Can Make History’ in partnership with the University of Sussex and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Directed by Dan Buck Joyce, the film covers the current restoration campaign and includes interviews with some of your favorite SB locals filmed over the last year.

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LA SKATE + MUSIC | A Look at LA’s Influential Skate and Music Scene

LA SKATE + MUSIC is a short documentary that gives a behind-the-scenes look at Los Angeles’ globally trendsetting skateboarding and music scene through the eyes of some of LA’s most influential skaters. Going beyond skateparks and street tricks, this piece highlights the role music plays in cultivating a culture that allows the skate community to break barriers regardless of ethnicity or gender.

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DGK’s new film ‘Thoro’ takes it back to where it all began. Filmed by Brian Panebianco throughout the Northeast, this video celebrates DGK’s roots while welcoming some new faces to their continued legacy on the east.

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