JENKEM – Checking out the historic spots of Athens, Greece

Spend the day checking out Athens, Greece a city known much more for its ancient history than its skate scene. But just because the world at large hasn’t seen many Athenian skate spots doesn’t mean there aren’t any to be found. Watch as we get a proper skate tour from Thanos Panou and Notis Aggelis of one of the most significant cities in human history. – JENKEM

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Dew Tour Setups: David Gonzalez’s Skateboard Charges All Terrain

Dew Tour hangs with Colombia charger David Gonzalez. Famously known for sizing up massive handrails, gaps, stair sets, and while navigating through the rugged street terrain of his home country, David encompasses the pedal-to-the-metal side of skateboarding. We get a closer look at how David plows through it all as he explains his skateboard setup and specs!

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The Story Behind America’s Largest Skatepark – The Skatepark Project

Learn the story behind America’s largest skatepark. Hear how the locals got together to advocate for their skatepark needs with Skate DSM, and who stepped in to support along the way. Find out what top pros think of the space and go behind the scenes at the Dew Tour Olympic Qualifiers. This is the story of Lauridsen Skatepark in Des Moines, IA – Winner of a grant from The Skatepark Project. Featuring advocates Brad Anderson, Kevin Jones, Norm Sterzenbach, and Jan Hill, along with industry insiders and pro skaters like Jagger Eaton, Sky Brown, Sean Malto, Ryan Sheckler, Amelia Brodka, Leticia Bufoni, Andy Anderson, Chris Pastras, Todd Richards, Dashawn Jordan, Mike Vallely, Samarria Brevard, Felipe Nunes, Axel Cruysberghs, Dan Mancina, Chris Gregson, Tracie Garacochea, Josh Friedberg, Alec Beck, Kim Woozy and more. To learn how to make a skatepark in your own town, head to and check out The Skatepark Project’s Youtube page. To learn more about the National Recreation and Park Association, go to

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