HOW SKATEBOARD ART GETS MADE w/ Live Rad! SCREAMING VLOG 20 | Santa Cruz Skateboards

In Screaming Vlog 19 we meet up with Thomas Fernández aka Live Rad! Thomas is an amazing artist and has brought a ton of Santa Cruz graphics to life throughout the last few years with his incredible work. Thomas was kind enough to invite us to his place in Los Angeles for a glimpse at how all of the magic gets made. You definitely won’t want to miss this one!

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Skatepark Turned Board Game – How We Made ‘The Maze’ w/ Madars Apse, Vladik Scholz & Crew

A man ever on the hunt for new challenges and terrains, German ripper Vladik Scholz linked up with master skatepark craftsman Andreas Schutzenberger to roll out a pioneering indoor skatepark project: a hydraulic tilting skatepark labyrinth known as The Maze. Based on the ubiquitous childhood marble game of yore, Schutzi’s 40-ton, 21 sq m skatepark creation is suspended 3m into the air on a series of hydraulic jacks which make the floor slope in any chosen direction – even as you skate it!

Press play to go behind the scenes with Vladik & Andreas to find out how they made this amazing one-of-a-kind skatepark.

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How To Kickflip In 5 Minutes – CCS

How To Kickflip In 5 Minutes. The kickflip is one of the first tricks any skateboarder tries to learn. It also is one of those tricks no matter how long you have been skating it is still one of the hardest to perfect. This is why it is so important to learn the RIGHT way, luckily we have Dale Decker here to teach us all the important steps to learning a solid kickflip.

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