GNARLIEST 9 Year Old Skater Ever?! Trae Montgomery: Full Street Part! | Santa Cruz Skateboards

At just 9 years old, Trae Montgomery hit spots are intimidating for any fully grown skater! Watch in awe as Trae destroys everything in his path. Right when you think he’s finished, he drops a HEAVY hammer that none of us saw coming. We can’t wait to see has in store for us now that he is officially 10. Happy Belated Birthday Trae!

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PRANKING CHASE WEBB AND CHRIS RAY: Real Street 2020 | World of X Games

Chase Webb and Chris Ray took the Real Street gold in 2020, pulling off a back-to-back win against some of the heaviest hitters in skateboarding. Then, when the medals were being handed out, the Real Street producers surprised the duo by awarding them the wrong medals.

In the latest episode of Brando’s World of X, Webb and Ray discuss the harsh prank, how it made them more excited for gold and what it was like to have Chad Muska surprise them in 2019. On top of all that, Webb and Ray discuss spot modifications, filming setups and more. This is the real inside scoop on what goes into winning a gold medal in Real Street in 2020.

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Nike SB | Not Here By Luck | Rianne Evans

Growing up, UK-based Rianne Evans forged her own path as a young female skater in her native Bristol. Linking up with Josie Millard when she moved to Brighton, Rianne found support to drive her skateboarding to new heights.

Now, fresh off the all-female Aphrodite tour with fellow SB skaters Sarah Meurle, Cata Diaz and Agata Halikoswka, Rianne is bringing her infectious, positive energy back to the next generation of female skaters. In this episode of Not Here By Luck, Wasted Talent and Rianne cruise around Brighton, link up with Josie and get lost on the tube.

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