PREMIERE – Noah Fuzi’s “Common Courtesy” Part

Noah is what some of y’all would typically call an “ATV,” since he’s comfortable throwing down big transition tricks just as much as he is doing tricks at crusty street spots, and can take a slam like a champ. He’s also a low-key contest skater and a bit of an actor, so that told us there’s a bit more than meets the eye when it comes to this guy. Guess not all Australians are all about shotgunning beers and peeing into their own mouths. – JENKEM

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“LIVE 4 TODAY’ – John Boy 2020 Street Part

ALLIKNOWISGOON proudly presents John Boy’s 2020 street skateboarding part, ‘LIVE 4 TODAY’, which is a tribute to his mother’s passing. During the midst of a global pandemic, John Boy has used skateboarding to overcome a drug addiction with the help of his family and friends. 2020 was the year to get it right. Here is a glimpse of his story…

Filmed and edited by John Lewinski , additional filming by Shawn Karagjozi.

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