Cecil B Moore

Had an abundance of cecil clips from the Clusterfuck Video stored on the hard drive. Decided to put them all together. Featuring Jon Pine, Ran Chaney, Jordan Mannix, Emerson Max, Ron Turner, and Joey Marrone. – Chris Benino

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ELKIN RAW TAPES: Episode 20 (Fall 2013)

The LAST episode of the “Elkin Raw Tapes” series is here. Bringing you rugged, east coast, underground NYC skate footage for a full year now. Including footage from projects like Static IV, The Brodies, the Polar Skate Co video, Poisonous Products and more, this series comes to us straight from filmer Jeremy Elkin’s archive from 2010-2013. Now, hitting you with episode 20 the series closes out with Aaron Herrington, Kevin Lowry, German Nieves, Akira Mowatt, Jerome Campbell, Leo Gutman, Rob Campbell, Danny Supa and more. Enjoy!

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A Week with Giovanni Vianna – Volcom

Sao Paulo, Brazil upstart Giovanni Vianna has been crushing it at home and in the states! Last year he stopped by southern California for a week and went out filming, in the end he came back with a solid two and half minutes of footage. Not to bad for filming for only 5 days! After beating out 200+ skaters at Cowtown Skateshop’s Phoenix Am 2019, Volcom decided to release his footage to give you just a taste of what he’s capable of!

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