Circe Wallace | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts – Episode 218

Circe Wallace discuss growing up in Eugene Oregon, finding skateboarding at a young age, getting a pro snowboard boot on Vans, tearing her ACL snowboarding, why she started to get into the business of being a sports agent, being the executive vice president of action sports at Wasserman, what an agent actually does for a skateboarder, representing Paul Rodriguez during his Nike SB deal and how that deal came about, the stigma of agents in skateboarding, representing some of the biggest names in skateboarding, how many clients she manages at any given time, at what point would a skateboarder benefit from having an agent and much more!

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The Trudger by Simon Bannerot – Lakai Footwear

“This shoe was designed for endless trudging, wherever your path leads you. Over Muddy trails, steep concrete hills, mountains, deserts, beaches. Through any weather- sun, rain, snow, the Trudger will go wherever your heart desires. In the Pacific North West, my friends and I skate for miles and miles from suburbs to cities to find our choice spots, “trudging” the whole way (walking/pushing through it all). I need shoes that protect my feet with padding on the sides, tongue, and toes; shoes that lace up tight if needed and are high enough to protect my ankle from shark bite or sprains. These shoes are comfortable, simple and not flashy. They are warm, durable and most importantly, they skate and flick soooo nice.” – Tested and Approved by Simon Bannerot

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Recently, The Sandlot had the opportunity to host and hang out with Six Feet Above for a fun-filled day of skateboarding.

Six Feet Above was founded and is operated by veterans that understand that feeling of connectedness to a group and that sense of being part of something bigger than yourself. Losing that feeling of being attached, close and thoroughly accepted by your people is something all too common with veterans after leaving the service.

The goal of Six Feet above is to provide veterans and service members a cost-free retreat/resource center focused around skateboarding and other positive therapies to help veterans and service members win their battles with mental illness, to include post-traumatic stress (PTS).

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