Neff Visits Orchid Ranch

A couple of the Neff snow athletes took the RV up the coast and came across the very exclusive Orchid Ranch just north of Santa Barbara California. The Orchid Ranch is a very unique property on the coast that includes a private mini ramp and indoor skatepark. Brandon Davis and Tim Humphreys spent the evening on the mini ramp skating and watching the sunset over the pacific ocean.

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Sean Malto | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts – Episode 105

Sean Malto discusses growing up in Kansas City, stealing wood to build a skatepark, getting on Girl flow at 13 years old, splitting his taint at a young age, bringing his “A“ game when Koston’s around, Biebel pushing him to make out with a girl at a demo in Australia, his friendship with Mike MO, almost signing with DC before getting on Nike SB, filming for Pretty Sweet and much more!

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Permission was shot entirely on 16mm film short ends of various stocks, using a Krasnogorsk-3 Russian wind-up camera. The film was shot over several years, and many trips down to Fresno in an attempt to document how some motivated individuals in the midst of a disastrous drought and struggling economy have caused the pool skating scene to thrive. Featuring Brad McClain, Kevin Kowalski, Josh Mattson, Mason Merlino, Chris Russel, Ben Rayborn, Dan Stempson, Willis Kimbel, Nick Peterson, Josh “Skreech” Sandoval, Brandon Bohle, Jeremy Tuffli, Jojo Heffington, Aaron Wical, Lance Mountain, Chris Henderson, Julz Lynn, Theo Vanbruggen, Justin Felix, Ryan Johnson, Brian, Max Holbein, Lucas Davenport, Roger Mihalko, Devin Scott, Grant and Peacock.

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