Follow Angelo Caro, The Peruvian Skate Hopeful | FIELD DAY

From demos, to signings, to photoshoots, to hitting the streets for the next video part, pro and am skaters alike seem to have the best job on earth. However, when the tours end and the contest season has mellowed out, it’s always good to be back home and enjoy skateboarding in its greatest form: low-stress, no-deadlines, and with the good homies. This is what “Field Day” is all about.

In this episode of FIELD DAY, we head to Angelo Caro’s hometown Lima, Peru to see how he spends his usual days with his dogs, training for Tokyo and skating street spots with his friends.

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JENKEM – Inside the Mind of Skate Videographer Joey Sinko

Joey Sinko is one of skateboarding’s most unique filmmakers. He is the driving force behind Jenkem’s Ode series and more recently has supported Jim Greco on a handful of experimental skate films as his camera man / cinematographer. He draws from skate classics of the early 2000s, but there is also some influence that can be felt from classic films by the likes of Les Blank and Stanley Kubrick, just to name a few.

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