Nike SB | Magnus Walker & Ishod Wair | SB Dunk High

In racing, speed means nothing without control. The elite master both while legends own it with style. That’s Ishod Wair: precision and progression, laced with personality on and off the board. Ishod has an eye for aesthetics that he shares with creative and auto enthusiast Magnus Walker.

Using one of Magnus’ whips as the vehicle for their vision, they transformed the SB Dunk High Decon using outlaw racing-inspired detailing, streamlined for the streets. From the plush flannel interior to the sail leather upper with a wear-down gold finish, this Ishod x Magnus SB Dunk throttles their unique styles into modern classic, designed to get dirty.

The Ishod Wair x Magnus Walker SB Dunk High Decon is available Friday, June 25 in SNKRS and select skate shops.

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‘Funshape Park Session’ – Andy Anderson 9.13″ Skateboard – POWELL

The Powell-Peralta crew puts Andy Anderson’s 9.13″ skateboard to use at multiple locations. A perfect brick quarter pipe, a pre-fab skatepark, and the giant Cliff Gap. Featuring: Zach Doelling, Christopher Hiett, Spencer Semien, John Bradford, Ray Corey, Craig Edwards, Héricles Fagundes, Cy Romano, Peter Villalba, and Victor Garcia. Filmed by Deville.

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Converse CONS – “Time Web”

A film experiment shot in total darkness featuring Leo Gutman and Camden Green. A bullet-time rig made from pinhole cameras directed by Colin Read. The Rig: 104 pinhole cameras built along a 21-foot long loop. Loaded in a lightproof, pitch black studio, using a single strip of 35mm film, and exposing all the frames along that strip at the same moment with powerful strobes.

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Thories of Atlantis is kicking off a new raw tapes series with TOA Philly-based filmer Jake Todd. Jake has been helping film and create projects for TOA over the past few years and he has built up quite a catalog of tapes filled with clips from Traffic, Hopps, Dial Tone, Picture Show and Theories riders. So to start with his first Raw Tapes episode, Jake is taking us on some sessions from LA, Philadelphia and Baltimore as seen in Traffics’s most recent video “Third Shift”. Featuring Luke Malaney, Josh Feist, Dustin Eggeling, Mark Del Negro, Pat Stiener, Kevin Taylor, Chris Teta, Hiroki, Chris Mathis, and Mark Wetzel.

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Battle of the Bump To Bar: Maurio McCoy & Knibbs vs. MIAMI! | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Jereme Knibbs and Maurio McCoy battle it out at an iconic Miami Bump to Bar and overcome any and all obstacles that arise during their session. From Knibbs getting a special board delivery via Lyft with the help of Illegal Civ Pro Kevin White, to Maurio completely switching up his trick from Nollie Flip to Frontside Bigspin, the SC dudes stopped at nothing until they rolled away on the other side of the bar. Post up with Jereme Knibbs, Maurio McCoy, and Kevin Braun as they rap about what went into getting those tricks and how the squad collectively stayed hyped until the last roll away.

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