She’s Cheating

Harry Bergenfeild’s latest video featuring (in order of apperance) Brian O’Dwyer, Anthony Rosado, Jason Nam, Graeme Turner, Kevin Liedtke, Brian Panebianco, Jahmir Brown, Paris Summerville, Rico Abdou, Joey Marrone, Nazir Wayman, Kris Brown, Orion, Efron Danzig, Keith DeBottis, Chris Dinya and Mike Ward.

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Helsinki, Finland With Marius Syvanen | Neighborhoods – JENEKM

JENKEM took a flight to Helsinki, Finland to meet up with their friend and Finnish-born pro, Marius Syvanen. Since this was JENKEM’s first time exploring the capital of Finland, Marius played the role of tour guide for the day and showed them the ledges that tons of local Fins have skated, filled em in on some fun facts like “Finland has more Saunas than cars,” and even took them to a new spot he’s been itching to skate.

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