100 DIFFERENT Flat Bar Tricks With Jamie Foy In The New Balance 306

When CCS showed up to shoot this wear test for Jamie Foy’s new pro model shoe from New Balance, they thought he was gonna do 100 Front Crooks, but being the overachiever he is he wanted to do something gnarlier. So he decided to rifle off 100 tricks on one of his favorite flat bars with out repeating one. Settle in and don’t blink, because there’s a lot going on in this one! Shop the New Balance Jamie Foy 306 HERE.

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Nine Club EXPERIENCE #72 – Milton Martinez, Brian Peacock, Lakai

We discuss the Grand Collection’s “Tonal” Video, Milton Martinez’ “Demolicion” Part, Lakai’s “Street Safari” Video, Abnormal Communication: Episode 1, Brian Peacock’s “Fellas” Part and much more! Also, picking 3 winners for last weeks raffle of the Girl Skateboards Mike Carroll Bruised Heels Collection (2 boards signed by Mike Carroll, sweatpants & a shirt), this weeks raffle are 2 Visit Skateboards Kelly Hart pro boards.

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The Future of Skateboarding | PUSHING FORWARD – Red Bull

What is the future of skateboarding? Where does this world that we hold so sacred go from here? In this episode of Pushing Forward, Red Bull talked to Zion Wright, Ryan Lay, Chris Pastras, Andrew Shrock and more to get a look at how we’ll be rolling into skateboarding’s new frontiers. Contests, training, media, the skate industry, they’re all changing — so how do we embrace skateboarding’s future without forgetting its past?

In 2020, skateboarding is set to enter the mainstream on a global scale like it never has before — in Pushing Forward, we’re asking and answering the real, authentic and relevant questions that define the present day state of skate before it changes forever.

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PAUL RODRIGUEZ: The State of Skateboarding | X Games

Skateboarding legend Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez (@prod) has been in the skate game for a long time now. Having been pro for almost two decades, Rodriguez has skated for some of the biggest companies in skateboarding (Girl, Plan B), before starting his own brand Primitive in 2014. In just over five years, Primitive has become one of the biggest hardware and soft goods brands in skateboarding, with a stacked pro team and clothing collaborations with brands such Rick and Morty, Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Dragon Ball Z and more.

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Nike SB | LA Skateparks Edit

The SB team met up to check out what LA’s newest parks have to offer. Featuring Stefan Janoski, Donovon Piscopo, Mason Silva, Grant Taylor, Josh Pall, Jack O’Grady, Carlos Ribeiro, Robert Neil, Guy Mariano, Sean Malto, Eric Koston, Blake Carpenter and Hugo Boserup at Chevy Chase, El Sereno and Lake Street parks.

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