Skater & Dad, Jackson Pilz, Curates His Own Volcom Skateboarding Collection

In celebration of Jackson Pilz first curated Skateboard Collection for Volcom, we visit his home and dug deeper into why he chose this particular collection.

Living in a beautiful and quiet part of Australia’s Sunshine Coast with his fiancé Alana and daughter Olive, where they’ve created a lifestyle one could easily envy.
Jackson tells us that he created this collection to suit whatever a day Skating… or his daughter might throw at him.

For at home or on the road, shop Jackson’s curated selections HERE.

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Skatecation 2019 | Dwindle Distributor Flow

The 3rd annual Dwindle Skatecation is back with new talent and faces. Distributors from all over the world sent in clips of their best flow riders, and Dwindle picks a crew of talented riders to come out. This year’s team of flow include: Lepani Nuku (Australia), Shajen Willems (Netherlands), Joe Hinson (UK), Benjamin Vogel (Germany), Ryan Alvero (USA), Jimmy Cascio (USA), and Dani Jenks (Spain). Joining the crew this year are special guests TJ Rogers, Samarria Brevard, and Gary Rogers. Watch them on their skatecation as they skate different spots around Los Angeles, CA.

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Theories of Atlantis caught up with Ricky Oyola and original Traffic Skateboards graphic designer, Mike Stein, to discuss the story behind the new “Rick’s Picks” graphic series. Influenced by Ricky’s history of east coast skateboarding, the Traffic guys reimagined some of Rick’s most memorable graphics over the years as all new pro boards for the modern Traffic team. Stein and Ricky share stories and insights into the graphics and their inspiration.

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National Geographic & Element – WWFE – Fall 19

Element has partnered with National Geographic to create a capsule collection aiming to help people better understand the world & push the boundaries of their knowledge. In keeping with this commitment, a portion of the revenue generated will support the National Geographic Society’s work in the areas of science, exploration, conservation, and education.

The collection takes inspiration from the animal realm and the physical universe. The first delivery in Fall 2019 celebrates the animal realm embodied by Element’s pro-rider spirit animal representation. The 2nd delivery for Holiday 2019 symbolizes the four natural substances that compose the physical universe: wind, water, fire, and earth. The result is a curated collection of apparel and accessories that bonds a unique selection from the National Geographic’s impressive library of photographic imagery with Element’s timeless skateboarding photography.

The garments are made from sustainable-friendly materials such as (organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled cotton) matching Element’s Conscious by Nature commitment to expand its social and environmental reach by perpetually growing its sustainable product line, contributing to worthwhile causes, running educational and vocational school programs and seminars, sponsoring and awarding scholarships to skate camps around the world.

Full Collection Available HERE.

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