Patrick O’Dell | The Nine Club – Episode 286

Patrick O’Dell discusses growing up in St. Louis, moving to San Francisco, getting a job at Thrasher Magazine, starting his blog called Epicly Later’d, how he came up with the name Epicly Later’d, going on his first tour with Baker, working for, writing into his contract that he cannot be fired from his own show, why some people got mad about their Epicly Later’d episode, the end of his Epicly Later’d show & Vice going bankrupt, going down the Mississippi in a boat with Heath Kirchart, directing the Big Brother documentary “Dumb”, 25th anniversary for Nixon watches Documentary and much more!

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Warm Springs Skatepark, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, OR – The Skatepark Project

The Warm Springs Skatepark, located in the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, OR is a true example of the power of community efforts to rebuild the only skatepark in the Warm Springs area.

The existing park on the reservation was unsafe and inadequate for the community and in such disrepair that local kids had been hitchhiking to the nearest skatepark, which was miles away and outside of the reservation. With new elements added to the cherished skate spot, the refurbished park will provide indigenous youth with a safe space to be active and build community around the sport of skateboarding.

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