Lakai x Doomsayers

Lakai partnered up with Omar Salazar’s Doomsayers Club brand, and built an entire collection featuring the infamous “Snake Shake” logo along with several other co-branded goods. Lakai hits the road with shared riders Greg Dehart, Ramses Arroyo, Marley Humphrey, Gerson Guzman, Yolo Baragan, Demetrio Dipasquale, Erickson Donald and a few special guests. From LA to Orcas Island, the crew was fired up and kept the revs high. Shop the Doomsayers collection HERE.

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éS | Landmark Collection | Marcus Shaw at Radhuset Oslo

As 2 or 3 of the “Landmark Collection” this premium white leather Accel Slim is inspired from the infamous skate spot in Olso, Norway – Radhuset. With help from local éS team rider, Marcus Shaw, the shoe has a insole featuring the highly skated Radhuset ledges, and has green accents to tie in to the colours of the obstacles that surround the building. Collect all 3 of the Landmark collection and make sure you check out the T Shirts HERE.

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Mark Suciu | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts – Episode 196

Mark Suciu discusses growing up in Saratoga CA, starting to skate at 6 years old, getting flowed by Powell Peralta, getting on Habitat, skating for Habitat Footwear, moving to Philly to go school, how he got on Adidas, why he stopped skating to focus on college, filming his Verso part and how long it took him to film his last line, working on his new Adidas color way, working on multiple new video parts and much more!

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