Brazil’s Gabriel Fortunato has been on a nonstop world tour of shutting down spots and linking flawless lines for a couple years now. For the third episode of E.S.P. VOL 2 Expanded Gabriel’s stack of raw footage will leave you wondering, “can anyone be more smooth than Mr. Fortunato?” This series is an uncut look into the making of a full team skate video…This is E.S.P. VOL 2 Expanded.

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Vans APAC Presents: Lava | Skate | VANS

Vans APAC is proud to present Lava, a skate video introducing Indonesia’s up and comer Basral Graito and starring Jakarta’s Rubianda, alongside the rest of o Vans’PAC skate team as they hit hidden gems through the Ring of Fire and discover the skate paradise that Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand have to offer. Featuring Basral Graito, Absar Lebeh, Daiki Hoshino, Digby Luxton, Eugene Choi, Fifa TinTarn, Fikri Fauzi, Geng Jakkarin, Hina Maeda, Junnosuke Hasegawa, Kenny Kamil, Koya Miyasaka, Michael Joshua, Mingyuk Lee, Oat Athiwat, Rome Collyer, Sharil Effendy, Shogo Zama, Shor West, Toa Sasaki, and Ton Konwit.

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Vert Sessions #3 with Lasek, Caballero, Alf, Hosoi, McGill, Chany, Jordyn, Tate, Wilkins, and more.

You never know who will show up on a rainy day at Tony Hawks private vert ramp to skate with Bucky. Today’s Vert Session did not disappoint with Switzerland’s finest ATV Chany Jeanguenin making a vert appearance along with locals Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Christian Hosoi, Alphonzo Rawls, Reese Nelson, Jimmy Wilkins, Tate Carew, Rob Lorifice, Alex Perelson and Shea Donovan.

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