CCS Welcomes Aiden Caruth To The Team

14 year old Aiden Caruth wears size 38 Jnco’s and skates 10 inch wide boards. We don’t understand, but we love it. We met Aiden at his home park in Eugene and immediately knew he had something special. Since then Aiden has started riding for Santa Cruz, Independent, and OJ Wheels, so we decided it was time we officially added him to the CCS squad. Imagine being able to skate Burnside like that at 14… – CCS

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Welcome to the Family – Tony Hawk | SKATE | VANS

Vans is proud to welcome skateboarding legend and global youth icon, Tony Hawk, to the Vans Family as an official global Vans brand ambassador. Sharing a profound heritage in action sports and an undisputed commitment to skate culture, Vans is excited to unite with Tony in 2020 to enable creative expression through skateboarding.

Tony Hawk’s name is synonymous with skateboarding for fans around the world. Tony is a pioneer and has inspired millions to pick up a board with his incredible talent. Vans is honored that he’ll be supporting their mission to promote and grow skateboarding globally.

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