” We’ve been fans of Kyron for ages, and the reasons are pretty obvious. When you see him skate it just sticks with you. Unique tricks and style, all while making it look so effortless and fun. His skating will put a smile on your face and make you want to pick up your board to roll with your friends to get that same feeling. We couldn’t be happier to welcome Kyron to the Thunder Team. Cheers Ky! ” – Christian Alexander, Thunder Trucks.

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Nassim Lachhab for etnies Shredding Prague

Whilst checking out the Mystic Cup event at the start of July – and as is always the way with Prague – you can’t go there without spending some time at Stalin Square. The spot most likely needs no introduction. It goes back at least as far as the 25 years the Mystic Cup has been around and is one of the very best bust-free plaza spots in the world. For a ledge gremlin like Nassim, this place is pure bliss.

As the skatepark contest session began to wind down, etnies head up the hills as the heat from the sun began to mellow to hang with locals and other traveling crews.

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