Mike Vallely – Stop And Chat | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts

Stop And Chat with Mike Vallely to discuss his recent move to Des Moines Iowa, the longest and most talked about Nine Club episode, his process for coming up with graphics for Street Plant, how it worked out when he had an agent for a short period of time, getting health insurance through Destructo Trucks, watching Mark Gonzales grind the first handrail, why he crossed out his Element tattoo, spray painting Paul Blart, reviewing some of his skate clips, why he ran through a Graveyard in “Public Domain” and much more!

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KELVIN HOEFLER | Aspire – Inspire: Ep 02 – Monster Energy

From humble beginnings to winning on the biggest skateboarding stages in the world, Kelvin Hoefler has rose from his own hard-won success.

The former SLS Super Crown Champion and two-time X Games gold medalist from Brazil is known for his highly technical street skating, especially complex trick combinations landed consistently in high-pressure contest situations. He also pushes the boundaries in the streets, where he films heavy-hitting video parts.

As Kelvin prepares for Tokyo 2021, witness all the pride, expectation, and pressure of carrying the flag for Brazil, a country so well known for bringing forth amazing skateboard talent.

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Behind The Trick: Jake Wooten’s Switch Hurricane! Screaming Vlog 37 | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Screaming Vlog 37 starts off in Sunny San Diego where we link with Jereme Knibbs, Erick Winkowski and Kevin Braun at a gnarly street gap. After making some friends, we keep the session rolling to City Heights Skatepark to meet up with the rest of the squad! We’ve got Jake Wooten, Eric Dressen, Emmanuel Guzman, SC Team Manager Eric Palozzolo & Master Lensmen Nick Hanson and Joe Perrin in the mix for some good old fashioned fun in the sun. As the session fires up, Jake unleashes the Switch Hurricane as seen in his Thrasher part. You definitely won’t want to miss this one!

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As part of their RE/SOLVE sustainability initiative, DC created limited edition versions of the Manual style using repurposed military textiles. The SURPLUS is highlighted by an extremely special run (only 100 total pairs made) of Manuals made from authentic military mail bags once used to transport the letters carrying the hearts and hopes of soldiers, sailors, and loved ones back home.

The WWII-era fabric has all the character and patina one would expect, making each pair of shoes truly one-of-a-kind. Complete with a letter-inspired insole, bespoke branding, and ammo-box packaging.

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