Vans South Africa Presents: FACETIOUS | Skate | VANS

Facetious is Vans South Africa’s skate team’s first ever video project. The video has been in the works in the last 3 years. Vnas widely diverse team covers all corners of South Africa – from Cape Town to Johannesburg and all the way to Kimberly and features everything from 17ft pools to slappy curbs; they went far and wide to gather footage for this project. Skateboarding has created a culture of looking at the world through a different lens and we are surrounded by people that always find a silver lining. We often find humor in situations that, to the average person, is no laughing matter. Whether we walk off a heavy slam or survive a hill bomb, we facetiously
cope with whatever is thrown at us. Facetious is nothing but proud South African homage.

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