John Worthington is Pro for Creature Skateboards!

The bell tolls in the name of John Worthington, for he is now Pro for Creature Skateboards. Pulverizing all concrete and pool plaster to ash like no other, John’s path of destruction is only gettin’ started as he ascends to Pro Status for the Black and Green. Peep the Pro part featuring Jworth and the Fiends, and Raise the Horns Up for Lord Worthington!

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TJ Rogers – Stop And Chat | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts – Episode 83

TJ Rogers Stops by and Chats with us about filming 3 parts so far this year, the switch back lip with headphones on & a broken rib, fighting Cancer & going through chemotherapy, his new colorway for èS, skating over the fence at Hollywood High, switch front heel the San Dimas gap during Face Melters, what he’s got going on now and much more!

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In light of the Cowtown Nonprofit Pop Up Park nearing its end, Brian Masterson put together a full length edit featuring team riders, friends & family! Skating in order: Zach Jordan, Miles Canevello, Nick Papa, Jordan Rommel, John O’Neal, Dylan Miglino, Jerry Barboza, Alex Pugh, Hayden Dean, Jesse Hiltner, Kea Smith, Bradley Church, Simon Lambey, Andrew Jacquez, Etienne Chatelain and Isaiah Ayers.

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