Omar Hassan | The Nine Club – Episode 293

Omar Hassan discusses staying at the Blockhead house, winning the Marseille bowl contests 4 years in a row, how the roll-in grinds in pools started, the first to do a padless 540 in a backyard pool, beating Tony Hawk in 1990 at the San Jose Mini-Ramp contest, Muska winning a demo by grilling burgers for the kids, Chicken and Screamin’ Squeegees, his backyard pool, going on Volcom trips, some of his gnarliest slam, the recent Independent documentary “30 Years and Grinding: The Omar Hassan Story” and much more!

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In this episode Chris Joslin, Felipe Gustavo, Mariah Duran, Matt Berger, Ryan Decenzo and Giovanni Vianna talk contest strategy. What’s their mindset when they are about to drop in on their X Games run?

And what’s the perfect competition format? Watch along to find out what these skaters have to say.

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How To Skateboard Forever | Steve Alba’s True Grit – Santa Cruz

Want to skate forever? Salba’s got the sauce! Take a deep dive into the decades of experience as Salba shares his wisdom and passion for skateboarding that never ages. The true embodiment of From the Beginning Til The End!

Inspiring some of the greatest skateboarders of all time such as Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain and Jeff Kendall, Salba answers the question we are all too scared to ask, “How long can I skate for?”

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Luis Mora | The Nine Club – Episode 291

Luis Mora discusses moving to California from Nevada, filming skaters for companies and not getting paid, struggling in LA to make ends meat, meeting & working for Lamont Holt, taking the leap to build his own YouTube channel, helping to shine light on unknown skaters, his friends turning on him for doing YouTube videos, going to Japan for the first time, starting his brand Erased, his recent Lakai x Erased collaboration and much more!

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