This Is Not The Timebomb Video

B-Roll footage from the upcoming Timebomb video featuring Mikey Ray, Dillon Moore, Nick Moore, Andrew Summersides, Jason Wilson, Adam Hopkins, Zach Noftal, Mitch Barrette, Sean Lowe, Mike Campbell, Shay Sandiford, Ian Twa, Cory Wilson, Alexis Lacroix, Arte Lew, Griffin Kirby, Zach Ferguson, Layne Capplette, Stacy Gabriel, PIF, Skylar Kehr, Griffin Kirby, Chad Dickson, Max Fine and Adam Hopkins.

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VS. with Jimmy Lannon & James Coleman

Magenta pro vs Magenta flow. “VS” is finally back with it’s first episode in years. And this episode features two southern shredders who both call Florida home. James Coleman and Jimmy Lannon. Will James Coleman cross the line that no flow skater should cross and beat Magenta pro Jimmy Lannon? Filmer Marshall Nicholson met up with this dynamic duo and filmed and edited this new episode for us at Theories of Atlantis…..enjoy.

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