100 Nollie Flips With Ryan Lay In The Etnies Vegan Jameson

CCS had team rider Ryan Lay in town last month and they couldn’t just let him leave with out crushing 100 of something. Nollie flips was the trick and the shoe was Ryan’s color way of the Etnies Jameson Vulc. After 100 flicks all over Portland Ryan proved that you can make one hell of a durable vegan shoe. Pick up a pair of these vegan skate shoes today at CCS!

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Nike SB | Hockey Killshot

“It was a 7-day trip. Skaters were Donovon Piscopo, John Fitzgerald, Caleb Barnett and Diego Todd. Benny Maglinao filmed and Jared Sherbert was there to TM and handle extra angles. We met in Ventura, skated some spots there, made a quick stop in Santa Maria before heading to Santa Cruz. Hit heavy rains in Santa Cruz so we bounced straight to Sac. Skated there for a couple of days and then went to SF. Had a couple good days in SF and on the way back tried to hit Santa Cruz, but pretty much got rained out there again. Skated Derby in the drizzle for a little bit then headed home.” – Ben Colen

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