Creature Presents: Henry Lewis Last Strike Series

Get bit by Creature’s ‘Last Strike’ series and take a stroll with renowned tattoo artist Henry Lewis as he shows us around his local haunts and gets in-depth on how he got into art, what gets him hyped and how he came up with his latest offering featuring signature boards with pros Navarrette, Martinez, Wilkins, Partanen, and the “scorpion king” himself David Gravette fused to our favorite shapes varying from 8” wide to a hefty 8.8”. With purple laminates, smooth matte finish, and gold accents, these beauts’ are waiting to sting your favorite spots!

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Backtails on Super Juice? Cruisin’ LBC with Giovanni Vianna | OJ Wheels

Is it still cruisin’ if you’re hitting back tails on Mini Super Juice? We’ll let you decide on that one… Either way, make your press play and watch Giovanni Vianna sets up a fresh Mini Super Juice and jam through his local neighborhood.

Safe bet… there’s no better way to end the afternoon then by grabbing your cruiser and hitting the local block.

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100 DIFFERENT Flat Bar Tricks With Jamie Foy In The New Balance 306

When CCS showed up to shoot this wear test for Jamie Foy’s new pro model shoe from New Balance, they thought he was gonna do 100 Front Crooks, but being the overachiever he is he wanted to do something gnarlier. So he decided to rifle off 100 tricks on one of his favorite flat bars with out repeating one. Settle in and don’t blink, because there’s a lot going on in this one! Shop the New Balance Jamie Foy 306 HERE.

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