Nigel Cabourn for Element Wolfeboro – pre-launch coverage from NOUS Paris

For Fall/Holiday 2019 Element announces its first collaborative collection with British cult designer Nigel Cabourn. The designer has worked on an exclusive capsule collection created around the Element Wolfeboro jacket line aesthetics. Product include some of his long-lasting outerwear silhouettes and original all over print treatments. The result is a curated unisex collection of tailored jackets, accessories and skateboard decks made to endure the elements.

To celebrate and get a first look on the collaboration, Element invited to an exclusive pre-launch event at the Parisian concept store NOUS on September 23rd to meet the designer in person.
The shop was crowded and everyone shared a good time, entertained by a mini ramp session with Element team riders, a DJ set by Hotel Radio Paris, drinks and customised give-aways.

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Sketchy Tank’s Sketchy-Moji Series – Creature

The Sketchy Tank “Sketchy-Moji’s” Saga continues! This time updated with pros Gravette, Martinez, Russell and Graham being paired with a new batch of Sketchy Tanks’ cynical, yet cute reaper emoji’s on a split (and now faded!) colored veneer. You can spot this deck from a mile away and we love that. The only way this deck could look better is when it’s under your feet being thrashed. Get one stat.

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DGK x Cup Noodles

The story of Cup Noodles is one that is uniquely DGK. After WWII, Japan faced a severe food shortage. Through this unfortunate event the spirit of innovation shined through and instant ramen was created. The demand for these instant cups were felt around the globe and Cup Noodles has been nourishing the world for the past 60 years.

DGK respects the drive and innovation from its founder by taking a negative circumstance and turning it into positive phenomenon. DGK is proud to collaborate with Cup Noodles as it continues to change the world one cup at a time. Check out the collection HERE.

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260 Lbs.VS. 100 Stairs: The Santa Cruz Unbreakable VX Skateboard Deck Wear Test

When CCS heard Santa Cruz had made a nearly unbreakable skateboard deck they knew that their resident board breaker, Matt Price had to put it to the test. Since he hadn’t skated off more than a curb in a few years, CCS thought it would be fitting to have him Ollie 100 stairs on one of the new VX decks. Even in three stair increments, this was no easy feat on the knees, or the board. These things really live up to the hype though. Watch the vid then pick one up at!

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