Black Sabbath’s music—and the heavy metal movement it spawned—is eternally linked to skateboarding history. Sabbath has been the soundtrack for some of the heaviest-hitting video parts of all time. It’s still the pump-up music for skaters—packed into smoke-filled cars, stumbling from spot to spot as Sweet Leaf puffs out of the shitty, blown-out speakers. And, 50 years on from their genre-defining 1971 album, Master of Reality, DC is celebrating one of the
most important heavy metal albums of all time. The BLACK SABBATH COLLECTION pays homage to this anniversary and the unbreakable link between their music and skateboarding.

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Filming For ‘BAE’ w/ Kevin Braun! Screaming Vlog 59 | Santa Cruz Skateboards

For Screaming Vlog 59 we are back in SF wrapping up filming for Santa Cruz’s new video BAE (now playing on Thrasher)! SC Videographer Joe Perrin walks us through how him and his team of filmers (Jake Wooten and Guest Filmer Lucia) all worked together to film some bangin angles of Brother Braun’s massive switch O in the heart of the city. The clips don’t stop there! Keeping things rolling, SC met up with Babe da Pug and SC Team Manager Eric Palozzolo at a monstrous 4 Block Out Ledge where Kevin locks in to that Big Ol’ Backside Tailslide we saw in his part. To cap things off, we get a glimpse into how Kevin’s downhill line came to be, and how cooperative the neighbors were at the spot! Be sure to check out BAE Now Playing on all Thrasher Magazine channels.

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