TUUL Portrait about Aleksandr Tubin

Estonian natural skincare brand Tuul premiered their short movie at the 20th anniversary of one of the world’s leading skateboarding and BMX contests Simple Session, starring the most successful local skater. Tuul Portrait notices everyday heroes breaking stereotypes by staying true to themselves, taking responsibility for their actions, and deciding their destiny. Something we all ought to do on a personal level for a bigger change the planet needs.

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Mikey Taylor – Stop And Chat | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts

We Stop And Chat with Mikey Taylor to discuss how much he’s skating these days, being dropped from DC Shoes, how he dealt with not being a pro skater anymore, why he started SOVRN Skateboards, his board setup, his madness of feeling sketchy on his board through his whole career, why people should have a tax strategist and a CPA, his real estate investment projects through his company Commune Capital, why most pro skaters are probably living check to check and much more!

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SC Team Skates Santa Cruz As The Fires Begin: SCREAMING VLOG #1 | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Welcome to Screaming Vlog #1! Screaming Vlogs will closely document the SC team as they gear up to finish filming for Til The End Vol. 5, out later this year as well as anything else happening with the brand. Today, Emmanuel Guzman meets up with Kevin Braun and Jereme Knibbs for KB and Jereme’s first session at Derby Skatepark in Santa Cruz, CA! Later, the squad finds themselves getting kicked out of spots left and right, yet somehow managing to still get the clips. This is what its all about!

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