SANDLOT TIMES x WOODWARD TOUR – “Travel Day” – Episode 1

To kick-off the 2022 Sandlot Times x Woodward Tour, Ryan Sheckler meets up with the crew at the Sandlot Times HQ to hit the road for a summer long tour at the various Woodward properties. Along the way, they pick up Manny Santiago before meeting up with Wyatt Hammond, Oscar Loreto Jr. and Kanya Sesser at Woodward West. Stay tuned as you get a closer look at some of the BTS moments of what it’s like to travel with Ryan and the Sandlot Times crew.

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Camp Woodward Season 12 – EP1 – Pack Your Bags

In the Season 12 premiere, we kick things off at Woodward West and meet up with Julian Jeang-Agliardi, Kristion Jordan, Kendra Long, and Mia Lovell. We follow the cast as they check out the terrain of Woodward West and meet up with Ryan Sheckler and the Sandlot Times crew. Kristion picks up where he left off at The Junction, Mia and Kendra prepare for takeoff in The Hangar, and Julian checks out Woodward for the first time.

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TOA’s newest “Raw Tapes” series is with Tampa, Florida’s Steve Buggica. Steve has been holding down the Tampa skate scene with his VX and death lens for a long time now. Filming for his own “Busted Mic” series, the Shaqueefa videos and assisting with many Hopps, Theories and Magenta projects over the years, he has amassed a hefty archive of Sony mini-DV tapes. Tapes that hold some hidden gems we never got to see and some classics we’re happy to see again. Steve decided to focus specifically on the iconic porch spots, unique to the Tampa area, and it’s amazing he has enough to make full episodes. This episode focuses on Hopps pro, and Tampa native, Dustin Eggeling with a couple cameos including Kevin Coakley. Enjoy!

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