Take a Trip With Brighton Zeuner In Her MAGIC FROG Video Part

You’ve seen the two-time X Games gold medalist and Vans Park Series champ on top of podiums all over the world, but now here’s a glimpse into the pool missions, park sessions and vert ramp action that shape her signature and timeless style. From Florida to Arizona to California, it’s all sunshine and skateboarding with Brighton Zeuner in her first Red Bull Skateboarding part!

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Beagle Tapes: Episode 63 – Sammy Baca & Murdy The Dawg

Ryan Charles Ewing was born July 4, 1981 at Huntington Beach Hospital in Huntington Beach, CA. Timothy Donell Brown was born on July 22, 1966. He won the Heisman Trophy with the Fighting Irish and spent 16 years with the Raiders. Patrick Hawkins AKA “Fat Pat” passed away in 1998. He was known for using the term “It’s going down.”

Sammy Baca takes a road less traveled with a wallride at Gardner Elementary School in Hollywood, CA. “You got some Dickies on the way, you got it.” Circa 2013 – BEAGLE

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