JENKEM – Discussing Skateboarding with Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman

Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist and tenured professor at Stanford that grew up skating San Francisco’s Embarcadero. Andrew’s research touches on fear responses, as well as sleep and dream states and how they relate to learning. Jenkem called him up to share some groundbreaking findings that they and professional skateboarder Karl Watson felt other skaters could greatly benefit from.

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Mike Mo Capaldi – Stop And Chat | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts

Mike Mo Capaldi Stops by and Chats with us about if he will enter the upcoming Battle Of The Berrics, some facts about the moon, why he can still skate flat ground but can’t really skate anymore, how big the explosion really was in the Fully Flared intro, battling Jeron for filming clips, talking while mid-trick while skating gaps and stairs, transitioning from pro skater to running his company Glassy full time, how he picked his song for Fully Flared and much more!

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RUNE GLIFBERG | Aspire – Inspire: Ep 03 – Monster Energy

Witness the rise of an enduring skateboard icon.

The 46-year-old Olympic Skateboard Park discipline skater hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, has built one of the longest and accomplished careers in modern-day skateboarding. At a time when vert riding was redefined by a new generation of pros, Glifberg brought a potent mixture to the table: A talent for blasting high airs, contorted with grace and style, mixed with kickflips and switch stance variations adapted from street skating into vertical terrain.

Being able to land difficult tricks when it counts, Glifberg advanced to win the world’s most prestigious halfpipe competitions, sometimes several times in a row, including the Slam City Jam in Vancouver (1996, 1998), Tampa Pro (2003), Gravity Games (2001, 2004), Vans Pro-Tec Pool Party (2005, 2007, 2008), Mystic Sk8 Cup (2006), and Copenhagen Pro Vert (2007, 2009).

Glifberg’s pro career also entered a highly successful second act when the competitive focus shifted from halfpipes to Park skating, a mixture of vertical bowls and street elements. Today, “The Danish Destroyer” is even designing public skateparks as a partner and co-founder of Glifberg – Lykke, a skatepark architecture and design office in Copenhagen.

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What’s Your Best Trick? Spot Check w/ Knibbs! Screaming Vlog 39 | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Screaming Vlog 39 begins with Kevin Braun, Jereme Knibbs, Jake Wooten, and Erick Winkowski to discuss hardest/best tricks. You ever see a buttery Nollie Casper Flip? Switch Heel Primo? 360 Body Varials going Frontside OR Backside? Santa Cruz continues the day at Chicano Skatepark for a sunset session with SC Team Manager Eric Palozzolo & Master Lensmen Nick Hanson & Joe Perrin in the mix for some big laughs and bigger shredding with the SC crew. To cap things off, sneak away to a promising bump to bar where Knibbs proceeds to go to work for an upcoming video project.

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