Moments at Home | Charles Collet | RVCA | Marquetry + Skateboarding

Having spent 20 years skateboarding, a decade of which included pro status, Charles Collet recently found himself questioning the next steps in his career. Having always shown a keen passion for woodworking, Charles spent the last year studying the art of marquetry in his hometown of Grenoble. Having moved west to Bordeaux upon graduating, RVCA caught up with Charles in his humble new abode to discuss life, skateboarding and his new found love for craftsmanship.

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HUF is proud to officially welcome Justin Drysen to the team. “Justin’s one of those rare examples in skateboarding, way ahead of his years,” said Keith Hufnagel. “He skates super fast, is always improvising with quick feet, and somehow does it all with style and control—that’s exactly what HUF’s all about.” Stay tuned for his full part in the forthcoming ‘HUF 002’ video releasing soon.

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