Skating a Giant Christmas Present! – Cash For Tricks – KEEN Ramps

This week at KEEN Ramp, iDabble VM called to help their dreams of skating an oversized Christmas present come true. KEEN used some custom iDabble wrapping paper and covered the pillary obstacle from the Halloween Hellbomb a few months ago. Later that weekend KEEN dropped the ledge off at Cherry Park in Long Beach for a cash for tricks event hosted by the guys at iDabble!!

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Bucky Lasek’s 50th Birthday at the Combi with Bam Margera, Christian Hosoi, Lance Mountain and more.

Turning 50 years old calls for a big celebration and when you’re Bucky Lasek a Combi birthday skate session with friends like Christian Hosoi, Bam Margera, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill and Pedro Barros it’s going to be a fun skate party. Bucky thanks Steve Vandoren and Wing at Wahoos fish tacos for your time and help making this a very special birthday.

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