To the rider’s eye, the landscape is a playground where every bump and contour presents new possibilities. Skateboarding taught us that. And like a totem connecting DC’s skate and snow heritage, the EMB (Every Man’s Board) is a versatile, all-terrain directional with a mean build sheet. Graphics feature original 90s-era Tobin Yelland photos of San Francisco’s iconic “Embarcadero” skate plaza sit atop the polished finish of our new PLT topsheet.

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BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 51 – Erik Hamamoto, Andrew Reynolds and Antwuan Dixon

Erik Hamamoto skates an 15-stair aluminum rail with an uphill runway. A fantasy rail that had yet to be skated at the time, Erik uses his illusion and surfs out a boardslide.

Into the night, at a 6-6-10, Beagle films an Andrew Reynolds line down all three sets of stairs. With an improv move, Beagle pops up his board and runs down the second set of stairs. Andrew lands the backside 360 and the TRV900 gets another clip.

At the Bundy Hubba in Brentwood, CA, a stone’s throw away from 875 Bundy Dr, Atiba Jefferson practices his golf swing and Antwuan DIxon kills the Hubba. Circa 2005 – Beagle

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This one was the hardest product video SC has done to date for sure. In this video SC breaks down the details on all 3 of the new Everslick decks from thier Holiday Series. We have the 8 inch Polarized deck, the 8.5 inch Ultraviolet deck and Kevin Braun takes his all new 8.25 Munchies deck for a spin around Tempe Park and it’s incredible. Then Santa Cruz Brand Manager Andrew Cannon and Santa Cruz Pro Kevin Braun are put to the test with three different challenges.

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Vans Europe Presents: Kingdom For A Cooler | Skate | VANS

Mid-February is always a difficult time to pick a destination for a skate trip in Europe due to the winter. This year the Vans Europe skate team, along with some of the Vans Germany team, decided to fly across the Mediterranean and check out the spots that the Kingdom of Morocco had to offer. As if they knew that this would be the last time they could travel together as they’re used to for a while, the crew blazed through the beautiful country without leaving a spot untouched. While chasing the sun and the warmth from Tangier all the way down to Agadir, there was no shortage of laughs, hi-jinx and good times. Featuring Joscha Aicher, Axel Cruysberghs, Jan Hoffman, Flo Marfaing, Joseph Biais, Marko Kada, Dustin Dollin, Victor Pellegrin, Alexey Krasniy, Yeelen Moens, Oscar Candon, Chris Pfanner, Kalle Wiehn, Pepe Tirelli & Val Bauer.

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