Creature Goes to a GWAR show!! Behind the Scenes with Russell, Hitz, Reyes and Gardner

Almost exactly one year ago today, the Fiends converged on a dusty Arizona parking lot to see the Scumdogs up close and personal.. You’ve seen the GWAR x CREATURE collab, now lurk with Chris Russell, Sam Hitz, Ryan Reyes, and John Gardner for an all access pass and bear witness to the filth and savagery that manifests Live at a GWAR show!

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Dave Bachinsky & Greg Lutzka | Dew Tour Live Episode 13

Joining us on this week’s edition of Dew Tour Live are skateboarders Dave Bachinsky and Greg Lutzka for episode thirteen. MCs Chris Cote and Todd Richards chat the boys up on all things skateboarding related along with their up-and-coming appearance in Dew Tour’s Unboxed video series presented by TikTok. Lastly, we’ll be capping things off with an update from Transworld Skateboarding editor Blair Alley. Catch us live on Facebook and Youtube on October 30th at 1:00 pm PDT! Available on YouTube, Facebook, and as a podcast on iTunes and Spotify.

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BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 52 – Lizard King

Off the Interstate 10 Freeway, in the Mojave Desert, the sun beats down on an outlet mall. In route to Arizona, Beagle and the boys stop by to do some shopping when a gap-to-rail is spotted. A young Lizard King, who was in-between board sponsors, thrives in his natural environment. A few clips and its back in the van and back on the 10 East.

In the backseat of the Skate Tank, while the rest of the crew is preoccupied with “Fitty Joints”, Theotis Beasly watches skate videos and listens to Cam’ron. Dreaming of a skate/rap lifestyle… “I see your headlights, they looking dead nice. They got me saying D-D-D-D-D-Damn.”

Arriving in downtown Phoenix, the crew meets up with Kenny Hoyle to skate the Jefferson Gap. Off the top rope, Kenny lands a switch backside 180 with his smooth signature style. Lizard backs him with a 5-0 gap-out.

For many early migrants to Phoenix, the city was the difference between life and death. By 1900, tuberculosis was the second leading cause of death in the U.S., and Valley newcomers often came at the recommendation of their doctors, who prescribed Arizona’s sunshine and dry air for recovery. Tuberculosis patients, also known as “lungers” lived in squalid encampments north of the city in Sunnyslope. Fast forward a 107 years, at a ditch in Sunnyslope, Lizard King dump trucks off a fence to ditch grate. Circa 2007 – BEAGLE

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Today we talk about the 8.8 x 31.95 inch Total Dot VX Deck. The VX deck is the strongest board out on the market. With a couple board breaks from Andrew lately he wanted to not even have that be an option. In this video SC breaks down the details on each of the products and why they are great. Santa Cruz Brand Manager Andrew Cannon is put to the test with three different challenges.

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