Introducing The Henry Gartland Foundation | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Turning someone pro starts long before the actual debut of their first pro board. With Henry Gartland, we had been working on this behind the scenes since the start of 2019. As he continued to push his skating, we all got a front row seat to watch him become the pro that we all knew he would be. When Henry left us back in January it was a loss not only to all of us that were close to him, but to the skate community around the world. Although we are still working through this we want you to know that the support and love from everyone out there has been incredible.

It is at the request of the family that we move forward with the release of Henry’s pro boards. The proceeds of which will be donated to The Henry Gartland Foundation. Henry’s father, Eric, explains that the foundation will focus specifically on brain health. We ask that you please visit the website and follow their instagram for updates and to learn more.

The first boards will available around the end of May, which is subject to change. We appreciate your patience and will be releasing 3 decks total for Henry in 2021.

In our hearts forever E Henry Gartland

Please visit for more info.

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Grizzly X The Local Hearts Foundation skate event Long Beach (March 2021)

Grizzly teamed up with The Local Hearts Foundation and Just Have Fun for a skate event in the Long Beach, CA on Saturday March 6th at McBride skatepark. Torey Pudwill and Boo Johnson were there and handed out cash and Grizzly goods for the best tricks. Shoutout to Just Have Fun and special thanks to Mexihanas Hibachi Grill for supplying the food.

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How Skateboarding Is Transforming The Lives Of Kenyan Street Youth | SKATE AFRICA Part Two

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you have not already had the pleasure then allow us to introduce you to George Zuko – a candidate for raddest human in the world today. As with Sandy Alibo in Ghana, George has been a talismanic figure in the development of skateboard culture here in Kenya.

How about this: George is a skater who helps run skate camps at an educational orphanage where the country’s first skatepark resides. Think about that for a moment. Children sleeping on the streets are by no means uncommon in Nairobi, and George introduced us to two young rippers who once slept right by the local skate spot – and started skating as a result. With George’s introduction of skating into their lives, The Keedz (‘the pair’) are off the streets, enrolled in school, and ripping.

Samuel Mwangi and Ezra Nyongesa – everyone calls him Balo, though – proved constant companions for Jaakko Ojanen, Chenai Gwandure, Yann Horowitz and Jackson Pilz as our joy bus spent a week rolling around with the skate scene of Nairobi. Sam even shot Balo’s front board photo from this feature on his first try with a camera. Fast learner!

The Shangilia association which runs the educational orphanage space where the radiant skatepark resides work with hundreds of such children every day. Watch Patrik Wallner’s superb documentary on Jaakko and friends’ skate mission with the local rippers of Nairobi above.

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