Scott Kane | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts – Episode 179

Scott Kane discusses growing up in Long Beach CA, skating the El Dorado skatepark, getting on Monkey Stix, skating for Bootleg, filming for his 12 minute part in “Bootleg 3000”, why skating rails just clicked for him, getting on Vans, getting surgery after multiple ankle injury’s, bouts of panic attacks, why he left the skate industry, getting his Real Estate license, Kenny Anderson leaving him a voicemail that inspired him to get back into skating, his reusable drink-ware company Highland Peak and much more!

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Ian Michna | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts – Episode 178

Ian Michna discusses growing up in New York, moving to Austria and started skating when he was 10, moving back to New York, starting Jenkem Magazine, the Jereme Rogers interview that put Jenkem on the map, what Jenkem actually means, getting their first advertisers for the mag, how the “Street League On Acid” piece came about, what it takes to run an online magazine, how they got Kayne West to try to ollie and much more!

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CHRIS ROBERTS: Skaters In Cars l X Games

“We are back.” Wait, wrong skate interview series….

Welcome to another edition of “Skaters In Cars,” featuring none other than Nine Club host Chris Roberts. Since 2016, Roberts has been the main host of skateboarding’s premiere podcast, The Nine Club, interviewing the top names from across the skate industry and beyond, from pros such as Bam Margera to artists such as Neckface to Lil Wayne.

But before Roberts jumped into the role of interviewer, he was making a name for himself by skating. As a sponsored pro for Chocolate Skateboards, Roberts has lived and breathed skateboarding for over two decades, and his wealth of knowledge helped him transcend into hosting The Nine Club with ease.

In this episode of “Skaters In Cars,” the host becomes the guest yet again as Roberts and Chris Nieratko visit some of the more well known skate spots on the Westside of Los Angeles.

Get in the car and buckle up. It’s gonna be an interesting ride.

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Nine Club EXPERIENCE #77 – Nyjah Huston’s House, Nestor Judkins, Antihero

Jeron Wilson joins us as we discuss the Antihero Skateboards: Arbitrary Function video, Inside Nyjah Huston’s Laguna Beach Mansion and Private Skatepark, Henry Gartland: True Grit | Santa Cruz Skateboards, Place Presents: Mobina & Melika, Nestor Judkins part and much more! Also, we’re picking 3 winners for last weeks raffle of The Nine Club’s white elephant gift exchange. This weeks raffle is 2 “My First Skateboard” books written by Karl Watson and a very mini My First Skateboard deck.

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Nestor Judkins | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts – Episode 177

Nestor Judkins discusses growing up in Los Gatos CA, getting on NC Boardshop, skating with the Tilt Mode crew, getting on Santa Cruz Skateboards, leaving Santa Cruz for Enjoi, traveling to India for a Skateboarder Mag trip, his Transworld part in “Not Another Transworld Video”, playing a young Stan Smith in adidas’ “Legend Of Stan Smith”, filming for the Enjoi video “Oververt”, photography, his new part being leaked to Porn Hub and much more.

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Nine Club EXPERIENCE #76 – adidas “Reverb”, Sebo Walker, White Elephant

We discuss the adidas “Reverb” Video, New Balance Numeric’s “String Theory” Video, Jenkem – Rowan Davis’ “Meadow” part, Sebo Walker’s “Safe” Part, Nike SB – Oski Rozenberg | Orange Label part and much more! Also, we’re picking 3 winners for last weeks raffle of a New Deal Board and 2 Nine Club Coasters made by Paul Schmitt! This weeks raffle is all the presents of The Nine Club’s white elephant gift exchange! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Jordan Taylor | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts – Episode 176

Jordan Taylor discusses growing up in Encinitas CA, getting on Toy Machine, filming for the “Brainwash” video, skating for Dekline, leaving Toy Machine to skate for WKND, filming skits for WKND, driving around with Tom Krangelov looking for spots, the New Balance video “String Theory”, his new colorway dropping soon, what to order at Rico’s and much more!

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Nine Club EXPERIENCE #75 – Blondey, Will Marshall, Stefan Janoski, WKND

We discuss Will Marshall’s “Welcome to DC” Part, Stefan Janoski “Everyone Hates Poetry”, WKND’s “Death Dance” Video, Sabotage’s “DUB” Video, “Sign At All Times” A Film About Brian Estrada, Blondey – Presenting /// Freedom Nineteen and much more! Also, picking 3 winners for last weeks raffle of the 3 Emerica shoes of your choice, an Emerica shirt and socks!

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Kyle Berard | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts – Episode 175

Kyle Berard discusses growing up in Virginia Beach VA, getting sponsored the first year of skating, Hurley sending him to Europe at 15 years old, won Tampa Am then the next year won Tampa Pro, getting on World Industries, almost dying in a car accident, opening Cardinal Skateshop, moving to California, skating for Consolidated Skateboards then getting on Elephant Skateboards, going on tour with Lil Wayne, starting his skatepark landscaping business Front Rock and much more!

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