E.S.P. – Element Skateboards

Brain power can imagine anything. Centrifugal force-defying nosegrinds. Death-cheating hippy jumps and wallrides. Paranormal ledge combos. Using their Extra Sensory Perception, Vinicius Costa, Eetu Toropainen, Greyson Beal, Gabriel Fortunato and Vitória Mendonça landed into unknown territories. This is ESP. A 12 minutes cerebral experience where imagination turns into reality. Is YOUR brain ready?

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Toy Machine Vaccine

“Toy Machine Vaccine” – Video number 8 from Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company. Starring Axel Cruysberghs, Dashawn Jordan, Daniel Lutheran, Leo Romero, Blake Carpenter, Jeremy Leabres, CJ Collins, Myles Willard, Braden Hoban and Matt Bennett.

Directed and Edited by – Don Luong

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Baker 4 in its entirety! Featuring Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Dustin Dollin, Elissa Steamer, Jacopo Carozzi, Justin Figueroa, Kader Sylla, Kevin Long, Riley Hawk, Rowan Zorilla, Sammy Baca, Theotis Beasley, Tristan Funkhouser, Tyson Peterson, Zach Allen and more!

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