Theories of Atlantis brings you the Washington DC segment from the original Static video, which premiered in January of 2000. 20 years ago!! This segment closed out the video and included local DC legends John Igei, Pepe Martinez, Andy Honen, Adam Graham, Sean O’brien, Brian Tucci, Paul Mcelroy, Will Harmon, Sam Weinstein and more.

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Mike Mag’s ‘End of the World’ FULL VIDEO

Following Mike Mag on a journey through the end of the world during the first few months of 2020. With skating from Los Angeles California, Palm Beach Florida, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, and Punta Arenas Chile. Featuring Shane Carter, Sienna Stunda, Derick Glancy, Luke Pallone, John Dilo, Mikey Glover, Jon Spitzer, Leo Valls, John Lindsay, Jean Luc Vida, Ben Fowler, Christian Dufrene, Sebastian Reyes and more.

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Due to Music rights the old full video got taken down. A year later we’ve fixed the bugs and we’re back at it and having a re-premiere. – Krooked

LSD : Let’s Skate dude! A full length skate video featuring the Krooked team. Nothing to it but to go skate dude. Featuring Mark Gonzales, Mike Anderson, Brad Cromer, Bobby Worrest, Dan Drehobl, Sebo Walker, Ronnie Sandoval and Matt Gottwig.

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15 YEARS OF PRESTIGE: The Story of a Skateshop – (FULL MOVIE)

A visual journey into a small town skateshop with a big time impact, from the view of the skaters past and present.

Nestled humbly on the outskirts of downtown, Prestige Skateshop has been the core for skateboarding in the Boise, Idaho area for well over a decade. Follow along with the team as they revisit some of their favorite adventures.

A film by Colin H. Clark

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4THEHOMIES. A video about having fun; featuring Ismael Murguia, Masaki Hongo, Shintaro Hongo, Niels Bennett, Chad Poore, Jake Collins, Frank Debecque, Ethan Loy, Reuben Barrack, Pluggy, Branden Reynolds, Darius Jackson, Joesph Arnold, Dorian Hernandez, Arturo Lopez, Corey Millett, George Torres, Gilbert Marin, Gabiel Galipeau, Alexis Lacroix, Stevie Anderson, Ace Pelka, Nolan Houser, Darrell Stanton, Tanner Burinski, David Peralta, David Casado, Joan Galceran, Phillip Wagstaff, Cristian Cortiso, Cyril Jackson, Ville Lepisto, Andy Mack, Nick Suarez, Siale Saili, Andrew Plant, Donnie Van Orman, Hugo Morales, Raul Molina, Alva Molina, Paul Sewell, Mike Fitzgerald, Cuong Lieng, Jesse Silva, Brandyn Rogers, Braden Hoban, Dane Emerson, Giles Canty, Cody Carlin, Travis Carlson, Brandon Lefever, Jake Chough, Senai Melake, Amanda Castillo, Steven Breeding, Mikey Morris, Dorian Gray, Eric Winkowski, Chris Cope, Nick Swanson, Danny Nguyen, Lucas Miller, Chris Cope, Masaki Hongo, Cyril Jackson, Wes Kremer, Tyler Surrey, Tiago Lopes, Marshall Heath, Jimmy Cao, Jamie Palmore, Dan Connelly, Javier Sarmiento, Kellen James, Brandon Turner, Toby Ryan, Alex Willms, Stephen Lawyer, and Alexis Ramirez.

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