Make Your Own Rules at Skatopia, the Skateboarding Mecca in Ohio

Skatopia is 88 acres of woods and farmland turned skatepark in Meigs County, Ohio. Known for anarchy and destruction, the land consists of two indoor bowls, a full pipe, a concrete outdoor bowl and The Museum of Skateboarding History – which houses more than 12,000 vintage skateboards.

Since suffering a traumatic injury, Founder and Owner, Brewce Martin now faces a changing of the guard as his son returns home and sees Skatopia moving forward in a new direction.

VICE travels to Skatopia during their busiest weekend of the year, Bowl Bash 2019, to tell the history of the family behind the skatepark – how this father and son manage to see eye to eye when it comes to the family legacy and how it might be emblematic of the changes in skate culture today.

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