SLS, in a partnership with World Skate, is proud to introduce our all new World Championship format! In the past, only the top 8 skaters in season point standings would advance to the Super Crown Final. Now, moving forward only the top 4 skaters in season point standings will advance straight to the Super Crown Final leaving 4 open slots that will be battled for in a new multi round format including a Quarter Final and Semi Final round.

The final SLS Season Point Standings will now play a much larger role as it will dictate a skater’s placement in this all new World Championship format. The top 4 ranked skaters will go straight into the finals. SLS Pros ranked #5 through #20 will advance straight into the Semi Finals and SLS Pros ranked #21-35 will advance straight into the Quarter Final. The Quarter Final will additionally include 15 top up-and-comers from all over the world decided through a Global Open qualification round, all vying for their chance to become a World Champion and join the World Tour.

In addition to this new format, we will be expanding the SLS Women’s division at the World Championship as well! More details on that expansion coming very soon! This all new World Championship will be going down January in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Don’t miss this historic moment as we turn the page into a new chapter of SLS. Progression lives here! SLS Rio tickets will be on sale soon, so keep an eye out.

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DIETA Summer 2018

Summer round up with the boys. DIETA went out to their favorite park in the woods, Windells. Next traveled to some unfamiliar crete outside of Salem. And finished it off at a great little place in Lebanon. Featuring Steven, Johnny, George, Frank, & J-Mo. Guest appearances by Tim Coolidge, Brandon Bohl & Terek Johns. Filmed By Anthony Sims and Edited by Daniel Evans.

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