The TOA Top Twelve is back with a very topical Brooklyn Banks post for your quarantined eyes. Since it’s virtually impossible to make a “Best Tricks” list for a spot so historical as the Brooklyn Banks, we decided to lighten it up a bit and make a list of our favorite clips from the long, long history of the incredible spot. Although a TON of amazing stuff has gone down w/in the property lines of the Banks, we picked the clips that have either been the most memorable to us or were so amazing we couldn’t leave them off the list. And since we can’t ever make up our minds completely, we added an “Honorable Mentions” section so we could squeeze a few more into the mix to make sure we didn’t leave out any classics. Do you agree with our list? What did we forget? Let us know in the comments. – Theories of Atlantis.

In order of appearance the skaters featured are: Eric Koston, Rob Welsh, Tim O’Connor, Brian Wenning, Jamie Thomas, Austin Gyllete, Stevie Williams, Jake Johnson, Zered Bassett, Josh Kalis and Quim Cardona.

The Honorable Mentions featured are: Mike Carroll, Javier Nunez, Mark Gonzales, Quim Cardona, Josh Kalis, Gino Ianucci, Jake Johnson, Keith Denley, Fred Gall and Jason Dill.

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Josh Kalis spent a fair amount of time skating the city of Chicago toward the mid 2000’s, and has always seen the windy city as one of his favorite places to post up. To celebrate the collaboration between Perth Australia’s nostalgic clothing brand Butter goods and DC, Josh invited the Butter crew out to chi-town to hit the streets, reminiscent of the good ol’ days. Kalis couldn’t have said it any better; “I’m super hyped on this DC x Butter collab. The guys met me in Chicago and we just went ape shit in the city. The product is amazing, the vibes are amazing, it’s just a perfect combo of authentic skate shit. Enjoy.”

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Go Skateboard Day 2018 – SABOTAGE

Featuring Kevin Liedtke, Paris Summerville, Kris Brown, Justin Adeniran, Patrice Southerland, Jahmir Brown, Ant Rosado, Joey Marrone, Josh Kalis, Chris Falo, Carson Reuther, Nazir Wayman, Kevin Bilyeu, Mike Bilyeu, Andrew Meyer, Starter Mark, Brian Panbianco, Colin Krouse, Sach Panebianco, Jace Taupin, John Sepa, Dave Shiraki, John Devin, AJ Mac, Brian Kibue, Ryan Higgins, Tyler Diertrick, Asante Morris, BDougs, Maximo Gomez, Destin Aderniran, Mongo, Dylan Sourbeer, Jake Cuadrado, Neil Herrick, John Shanahan, Cyril Jackson, Tyler Nelson and Ryan Chaney.

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