Unbeknownst to most, Al was actually supposed to ride for the SK8MAFIA when it started back in 2005. Turns out, he and Navs already had plans of getting the band back together and resurrecting Creature. Respectably, both brands went on to do their thing and years later the bond between the brands/bros is stronger than ever. “Dude, these are my two favorite skate brands, I want to do something proper to celebrate our long-standing fiendship.” We got the artist/ripper Travis Law to create a demonically seductive graphic with the classic Mafia hands logo. Al developed this functional shape (after many revisions) for surfing the streets of Long Beach. We limited this offering to 666 pieces from NHS and Skate Mafia. This one is hotter than a vegan chicken wing. Get one while you can. – Creature

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