Sofa King Charmcity Skatepark Contest 2023

This is the contest recap from Sofa King contest at the Charmcity Skatepark in Baltimore, Maryland. The clip stars Jason and Simon Chapman, Matt “Gumbie” Therres, David Salazar, Neal Rodgers, Baltimore Physco, Connor Pasko, Kyle Flegel, Ryan Nix, Sean “Shemry” Emery, Embark rider Xavier Clements, PURE Skateshop rider and contest winner Ben Walters, VU rider Antonio Massey, Charmcity Skatepark riders Kevin Blackledge, Teryn Dickson and Brando the Commando. It was filmed and edited by Jason Chapman with additional footage provided by Matt “Gumbie” Therres, Jake Pippin and Cody Seekford.

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