Hermano: Hijinx Net In Mexico City

Disclaimer: This video was filmed in February 2020 in Mexico City, pre-pandemic. There are many maskless scenes of skateboarders engaging with society and one another in legal activities. Please do not attempt to cancel any individual in this video or any Hijinx Net affiliate. Criminal cancellation can result in a maximum penalty of up to five years in a TikTok algorithm mental penitentiary and a $250,000 Dogecoin fine. Big bloop take little bloop.

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BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 73

Beagle skates Sylmar with Bryan Herman and Marquise Preston. The desert crew holds it down with tricks on the 9 stair rail and down the 11 stair.

Jeff Lenoce and Beagle hit the rail over the bank in Venice where he filmed his famous nollie backside 180, as seen in the BAKER 3 video. Circa 2005

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