Dew Tour Setups: Tom Schaar Skateboard Spec Breakdown

If you didn’t know, Tom Schaar was the first skateboarder to land a 1080. That’s right, three 360s in the air and at the young age of 12-years old. Now his bag of tricks has only grown with age, so has his skateboard gear. Get the full scoop on Tom Schaar’s Element skateboard specs, Independent Trucks, Alta wheels, and more as he breaks them all down in his Setups video above.

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Dew Tour Setups: Team USA’s Heimana Reynolds Skateboard Park Setup

Out of 613 athletes the United States is sending to the Tokyo Olympics, Heimana Reynolds is one out of 12 skateboarders on Team USA representing skateboarding in the park competition. Although he skipped out on competing at Dew Tour Des Moines due to rehabbing a minor injury, we were lucky enough to catch up with Heimana before the big games to get the lowdown on what skateboard gear he’ll be riding in Tokyo.

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Manny Santiago’s Secret to Longevity in Skateboarding | Aimless Episode 16

Skateboarder Manny Santiago is going to the Olympics. That’s right; skateboarding is making its Olympic debut at the 2021 Summer Games in Tokyo, Japan, where Manny Santiago will be representing his birth country of Puerto Rico. Manny first stepped on a skateboard in Lowell, Massachusetts, where his momentum drove him to pro stardom in 2010 and hasn’t stopped since. With a decade’s worth of pro status and a competitive career that roots back even further, it’s safe to say Manny knows his way around a competition arena. Now, residing in the mecca of skateboarding in California, Manny has found a lifestyle that keeps his health in tiptop shape, continues to make skateboarding fun and proceeds to evolve his bag of tricks to stay on par with the best. Follow Manny along in the video above as he shows us his early morning skate routine, healthy eating and recovery practices, social life at home, and more.

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DEW TOUR: Team Brazil CATF Sessions | Sightseeing Vol 1

Welcome to the first installment of Sightseeing, a video-based series of all the action Dew Tour captures on location featuring various athletes. Sending off the first episode is Team Brazil on their recent trip to Vista, California, where they take over the California Skate Park Training Facility in preparation for Dew Tour Des Moines. Featured skateboarders include Pedro Barros, Hericles Fagundes, Pedro Carvalho, Leticia Goncalves, Carlos Ribeiro, Mateus Hiroshi, Dora Varella, Murilo Peres, and Luiz Francisco.

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Dew Tour Setups: Pedro Barros’ Project Skateboard Company Privê and Gear

Tucked away in the south region of Brazil is a magical island known as Florianóplis, where Pedro Barros refines his skateboarding skills, jams out with friends in rock sessions, and more recently started his own board company. We were fortunate enough to catch Pedro on a recent trip in California, where he and fellow Brazilian teammates took over the CATF for some practice days before heading into Dew Tour Des Moines. Before Pedro got fired up for a practice session, we sat him down to get a shakedown on his new board company, Privê, and the ins and outs of his skateboard gear. Get the full scoop from Pedro in the video above, and check out an itemized list of all his skateboard parts below.

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Dew Tour: On The Spot Video Montage Vol. Five with Sakura Yosozumi, Dashawn Jordan, Alex Sorgente, and More

Welcome back to another On The Spot video montage. This time DEW threw together all the skateboarding clips they’ve captured so far in 2021 to create one epic montage. Volume five features skateboarders Jordyn Barratt, Gavin Bottger, Alex Sorgente, Cory Juneau, Trey Wood, Dashawn Jordan, Sakura Yosozumi, and Jagger Eaton.

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Top Tricks & Runs: Nyjah Huston Wins Dew Tour Men’s Street Finals | Dew Tour Des Moines 2021

Huston had four different scores break into the 9-point range, which made him nearly impossible to beat. After landing an incredible first run he one-upped himself by finishing his line with a half-cab to backside smith grind to backside 180 out of the 11-stair hubba to shock everyone.

Huston followed it up in the individual trick section on the same 11-stair hubba stomping a half-cab backside noseblunt to fakie, a switch heelflip frontside tailslide, and finally a switch heelflip frontside 5-0 to earn the highest score of the event, a 9.56.

“It’s a sick time for skateboarding, and I can’t wait to get [to the Olympics]” said Huston, 5-time World, and previous Dew Tour champion, looking forward to becoming an Olympian. When asked about the adjustments he made to win on the day, Huston responded, “I tried to give myself to room with the points… to give myself less pressure to land my final trick. I hadn’t landed the switch heelflip frontside 5-0 yet in practice, and never on anything that big.”

Men’s Street Final Results:
1. Nyjah Huston
2. Yuto Horigome
3. Aurelien Giraud
4. Jamie Foy
5. Vincent Milou
6. Felipe Gustavo
7. Manny Santiago
8. Shane O’Neill

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