Nike SB | Contest Legends

Lance Mountain, Elissa Steamer, Paul Rodriguez, and Eric Koston aren’t just skateboarding’s elite; they’ve excelled at the highest level of competition. Along with the checks, the trophies, and the accolades, and what that means for skateboarding supersedes it all. It’s about power, it’s about potential, and every showdown champions those who rise to the occasion and skateboarding as a whole.

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Nike SB | Color Skates | Kebab and Destroy

Fueling the scene. Color Skates celebrates 13 years of serving Athens’ skate community with an SB Dunk High wrapped up in the shop’s love of skateboarding, on-the-go Greek culture, and late nights. The SB Dunk High “Kebab and Destroy” by Color Skates drops exclusively in select skate shops Saturday, June 26. Featuring Panos Loupis, Artur Kyvyliov, and Haris Markou on the grill. Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Kostas Mandilas.

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Nike SB | Magnus Walker & Ishod Wair | SB Dunk High

In racing, speed means nothing without control. The elite master both while legends own it with style. That’s Ishod Wair: precision and progression, laced with personality on and off the board. Ishod has an eye for aesthetics that he shares with creative and auto enthusiast Magnus Walker.

Using one of Magnus’ whips as the vehicle for their vision, they transformed the SB Dunk High Decon using outlaw racing-inspired detailing, streamlined for the streets. From the plush flannel interior to the sail leather upper with a wear-down gold finish, this Ishod x Magnus SB Dunk throttles their unique styles into modern classic, designed to get dirty.

The Ishod Wair x Magnus Walker SB Dunk High Decon is available Friday, June 25 in SNKRS and select skate shops.

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Nike SB | Street Hawker | Dunk Low

From NYC bodegas to food carts across the globe, street food fuels skateboarders on their never-ending journey through concrete jungles. In China, street food vendors known as “hawkers” play a vital roll sustaining a skate diet, so Nike ventured to Guangzhou and Chengdu to sample the perfect spots and equally tasty hot pots for the launch of the Street Hawker Dunk Low. Featuring Che Lin, Xi Gua, Xiang Tian Yi, CK, Mouse, Brandon, and Benjamin Mullinkosson.

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