Nike SB | Grateful Dead | #WeAreEverywhere

Elissa Steamer and Simon Jensen shred the Dead’s hometown of SF; Pedro Attenborough, Pierre Leze and Jose “Sixas” Vivero keep on truckin’ in Barcelona; and Ryuhei Kitazume tunes in from Tokyo to the tune of the Dead’s “Cumberland Blues” 2/21/71 from Workingman’s Dead 50th Anniversary Edition. Listen HERE.

The Orange colorway of the Grateful Dead Dunk is available July 18th @ FTC San Francisco. The Yellow will hit July 24th on SNKRS and select skateshops, with the Green hitting select skateshops the same day.

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Although at first glance you might think Mason Silva is all business, he’s developed a reputation for his quiet intensity and almost-obsessive precision. For the drop of his new part, “Mason,” Nike talked to fellow teammates, tourmates, friends and family about what makes Mason tick and why good waves are pretty much the only thing that will get him out of bed early in the morning.

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Nike SB | Not Here By Luck | Kate Shengeliya

Despite the fact that it gets below freezing for months out of the year, Moscow has been quietly building a scene for mind-blowing skateboarders for quite some time now. Wasted Talent visited the hard-charging, fearless Kate Shengeliya on her home turf, cruised the streets of Russia’s capital city, checked out her favorite spots, and talked about why she’s more afraid of “unfinished business” than she is of a little pain.

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Nike SB | Not Here By Luck | Rianne Evans

Growing up, UK-based Rianne Evans forged her own path as a young female skater in her native Bristol. Linking up with Josie Millard when she moved to Brighton, Rianne found support to drive her skateboarding to new heights.

Now, fresh off the all-female Aphrodite tour with fellow SB skaters Sarah Meurle, Cata Diaz and Agata Halikoswka, Rianne is bringing her infectious, positive energy back to the next generation of female skaters. In this episode of Not Here By Luck, Wasted Talent and Rianne cruise around Brighton, link up with Josie and get lost on the tube.

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Nike SB | Inverted With Lance | Donovon Piscopo

Beyond being one of the best to drop a hand on the coping, Lance Mountain has one of the biggest personalities in skateboarding. In Inverted With Lance, we get him together with up-and-comers and fellow legends to cruise around, visit local shops and favorite spots. In this episode, Lance meets up with one of the best of the new breed, the ever-stylish Donovon Piscopo. Watch as they skate old stomping grounds, talk SoCal park history and see if Donny can pull off an invert of his own.

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