This is the first Nugg of the Year that we have ever thrown down. Rob Werner has had one hell of a year and also a major influence on the New Jersey Skateboard scene. Thanks for all of your support, we can’t wait to see what you come up with this year! Submit your NOTW by #SkateNugg on Instagram or emailing us at for your chance to be the next!

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New Driveway – Trailer

The driveway was where we built ramps on old bed frames. It was where we killed zombies with wiffle ball bats, and where we named weird grabs on our rollerblades. The driveway was a place where you did whatever you imagined and you weren’t judged for it. Most of us lose the driveways of our youth. We grow up, we move out. If you bring a skateboard though, wherever you are, it’s like you get that place back. Featuring Steve Mull, Chris Colbourn, Alex Farrara, Ryan McDonald, Dylan Christopher, Chuck Mull, Rick Rossi, and Dave Mull.

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