BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 53 – Neen Williams and Patrick “The Sinner”

Filming for Shake Junt’s “ChickenBone Nowison” and the “Deathwish” video, the crew heads to Luther Burbank Middle School in Highland Park, CA. A more slender Neen Williams, steps up to huck a heelflip over the 16-stair rail. With a couple warm ollies, Neen mentally prepares himself for a heelflip. After several atempts, Neen stomps a graceful heelflip with more flavor than OG Veggie spice on a piece of organic free-range chicken. Not a damn chance…

Heading southwest, the Skate Tank docks at the LA Library for a good an old-fashioned “jump-sesh.” Patrick “The Sinner” Pasquale stomps the yard with a hardflip and fakie flip on opposing sides of the gap. Moose performs a tribute to Brad Staba and Furby has fun with a switch varial heelflip.

Back in Hollywood, Beagle spots Macaulay Culkin running late for a movie audition. Circa 2011 – BEAGLE

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